Practice Areas

Our attorneys partner with our business clients through their business life-cycle. Our goal is to help you to understand the scope of the legal risks and opportunities associated within your business transactions. Should you decide to complete any transaction after consulting with us, we will then assist you to close the deal with confidence.

Some of the areas of business law that we have experience include:
Private Equity and Venture Capital
Formation and Entity Selection
Internet, Software and Computer Law
Employment Law
International Business Law
Drafting and Negotiating Simple and Complex Contracts and Definitive Documents
Mergers and Acquisitions
Non-Competition Agreement
Privacy Law
Real Estate Transactions

The attorneys of Alerding Castor LLP have unique experience in serving as general counsel for Software-as-a-Service and Internet based businesses. These are industries that we live and breathe. We have helped clients develop capital structures and secure private equity, develop licensing and business models, develop and negotiate SaaS license and custom development agreements, and work through general business/legal transactions.

We assist clients in various areas of technology and licensing, including:
Licensing Agreements
Software as a Service
Internet, Software and Computer Law
Copyright and Trademarks
International Licensing Matters
Privacy Law
Reseller and Collaboration Transactions

At Alerding Castor LLP we work in partnership with our clients, counseling them in virtually all areas of general business and complex litigation. As business professionals, we understand that decisions regarding litigation must also make strategic business and economic sense. We provide our partners with the legal advice they need to make those decisions.

The attorneys of Alerding Castor LLP have collectively spent over thirty years of their careers advising and representing businesses and individuals to protect their interests and achieve their goals. You can count on us to fight for your cause and adamantly advocate on your behalf.

We offer a wealth of litigation experience in the following:
Commercial and individual enforcement and defense of real estate claims and disputes
Corporate, partnership and other entity shareholder, partner, member, and governance claims and disputes
Dissenters’ Rights claims and disputes
Business and individual bankruptcy preference, fraudulent transfer, reclamation, exemption, non-dischargeability claims and disputes
Intellectual property claims and disputes
Receiverships and receiver representation matters
Creditors’ and debtors’ rights claims and disputes
Enforcement and defense of collection claims and disputes
Enforcement and defense of foreclosure claims
Landlord-tenant disputes and claims
Replevin claims and defenses
Uniform Commercial Code claims and defenses
Construction claims and defenses
Mechanic’s liens, corporate employee and other lien claims and defenses
Consumer law claims and defenses
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act claims and defenses
Uniform Consumer Credit Code claims and defenses
Employee-Employer, wage, confidentiality, non-solicitation, fiduciary duty, trade secret, and non-competition claims and defenses
ERISSA claims and defenses
Insurance coverage claims
Legal malpractice claims and defenses
Securities, home improvement, and mortgage fraud claims and defenses
State, federal, interstate, and international trial attorneys

In addition, with the many years of experience our attorneys have had working with and against law firms and attorneys in Indiana and nationally, Alerding Castor LLP is uniquely qualified to assist clients in the selection of expert representation and aid within a specific area of the law should such additional expert counsel be required.

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